Liberty Open Call


At the beginning of January 2014 I had the honour of being invited to Liberty of London's Open Call, an annual event, to present my wares to a panel of two experts. It felt distinctly like I was queuing up to find myself in a Dragon's Den-esque situation, having been asked to prepare answers for questions such as: "What is the lead time from receipt of order to producing your product? (Please consider how many units you will realistically be able to supply to Liberty)" but mostly I was incredibly thrilled and excited. It felt so ridiculous to have jumped from launching my website in December 2013 to pitching my ideas to what is probably my favourite shop in London in January. The presentation went as well as I could have hoped, my panel were encouraging, positive and gave me great feedback and ideas for development. I left on a ridiculous high, albeit without a commission (for the moment), and a smile I couldn't shake for days.