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Chopping Board : Clams

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A stunning chopping board featuring Jenny Sibthorp's popular Beach themed design, Clams. This charming chopping board is the perfect addition to any kitchen. Ideal for chopping fruit for cocktails, serving nibbles, or perhaps as a small cheese board, this chopping board makes a fantastic gift.

Jenny Sibthorp's chopping boards are produced in the UK and are extremely hardwearing. They are made of laminated hardboard with a melamine resin finish to protect against stains. Resistant to temperatures of up to 130 degrees Celsius. 

Finished off with a natural 100% leather loop to hang the chopping board.

Care : Wipe clean, not dishwasher safe.

Dimensions : 24 x 17.5cm

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Jenny-Sibthorp-30.1.1728968 1.jpg