Glasses Case : Nettles

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A beautiful yet practical glasses case made in linen, hand screen printed with Jenny Sibthorp’s Nettles design in green on both sides.

Inspired by one of nature’s most practical pests, Jenny decided to design a Nettles print shortly after making some Nettles Wine. She was struck by the beauty and practicality of what some deem as a useless weed, and wanted to translate this into a design that emphasized the beauty of nature in its simplest form. Turning the everyday commonplace object into something with an aesthetic quality is something Jenny feels strongly about.

Each glasses case is lined with a soft wool lining to ensure your eyewear stays safe and would make a fantastic gift, either to yourself, a gardener or someone with a keen eye for nature.

It measures 9.5 x 19cm and will fit most spectacles and sunglasses.

Choose either a green or brass fastening.

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